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The word ‘Agile’ represents ‘Rapid’ and ‘Respond to Change’ and it will continue driving changes in all types of organizations, especially, software development. It’s an umbrella term and includes a set of frameworks, principles, and practices that are designed to increase collaboration, quality, and speed. Agile is about delivering the best thing possible in a limited time period In this customer-driven, uncertain, and complex world, agile helps organizations to deliver values to customers by following ‘continuous change’ methods and mindsets.

Highlights of Agile:
  • Incremental and iterative
  • Continuous feedback cycle
  • face-to-face and regular communication
  • Ability to change over perfection and plans
  • Main focus on quality and speed
  • There are no eligibility criteria for taking the agile certification exam, but the course is primarily targeted at Scrum Masters and Agile enthusiasts who are responsible for the successful use or roll-out of Agile and Scrum in a project or enterprise.
  • While there are no prerequisites for the Agile Foundation & Practitioner course, having knowledge of project management or Agile delivery will help
Required reading
Why agile is used?

Many organizations are adopting Agile methodologies to help increase team performance, improve customer satisfaction and increase project versatility. Organizations that have adopted Agile methodologies are able to respond to market dynamics and complete more of their projects successfully.


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